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Noctuary Game Details

Title: Noctuary
Genre: Adventure, Casual, Indie, RPG
Developer: Gratesca
Publisher: Gratesca
Release Date: 28 November 2023
Store: Steam
Game Releasers: P2P

About Noctuary Game

Join Fancia and Alina on their adventure to become trusted Arborangers, fighting against dangerous monsters and uncovering the secrets of a mysterious girl from the sky in the visually stunning Noctuary Game.

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Noctuary Game is an exciting and immersive adventure that takes place in the enchanting world of Inlixaland. Developed by Gratesca and published by the same studio, this dual-protagonist Visual Novel offers players the chance to step into the shoes of Fancia Dream and Alina Nightsong. These two young illuminators aspire to become trusted Arborangers, guardians who protect and serve the inhabitants of their community.

As you embark on this captivating journey, you will traverse through a fairy-tale-like world, encountering vibrant landscapes and engaging in daily adventures alongside Fancia and Alina. However, amidst these lively escapades, a mysterious girl who descended from the sky will gradually reveal her life story, adding an intriguing layer to the narrative.

While exploring the enchanting realms of Inlixaland, it is crucial to remain vigilant against the relentless threat of the Darkritters, dangerous monsters that constantly endanger the lives of the Illuminators. Sharpen your fighting skills, unleash powerful combo attacks, and ensure peace prevails in your community by vanquishing these ferocious foes.

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Throughout your adventure, you will come face to face with a wide range of enemies, each requiring different strategies to defeat. Fancia and Alina possess unique abilities and fighting styles, allowing you to approach battles in various ways. Switch between the two protagonists during combat to effectively counter enemy attacks and deliver devastating blows using the On-field Switch skill and the Synergy ability.

As you progress through Inlixaland, you will undertake a multitude of missions and quests, ultimately shaping your destiny as a one-of-a-kind Arboranger. In addition to the captivating main storyline, which spans several tens of hours, there are over 20 side routes and quests to explore. These branching paths introduce you to new characters and captivating stories, providing a diverse and immersive gameplay experience. Forge alliances with fellow Illuminators, nurture relationships, and reap the rewards of your adventurous endeavors.

The friendships and blessings you cultivate during your journey will enhance your combat abilities. Experiment with the unique "Blessing Petals," which carry the traits of different characters, to customize your battle style. This feature allows for a personalized and strategic approach to combat. Additionally, Noctuary boasts a plethora of well-designed cultivation systems for you to discover and utilize, further enhancing your gaming experience.

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With its release date set for November 28, 2023, Noctuary Game invites players to immerse themselves in a captivating world filled with adventure, casual exploration, and thrilling RPG elements. The game's genre encompasses a blend of Adventure, Casual, Indie, and RPG, offering a diverse and engaging gameplay experience for fans of these genres.

In conclusion, Noctuary Game presents an enthralling and visually stunning adventure set in the mesmerizing realm of Inlixaland. Join Fancia Dream and Alina Nightsong on their quest to become Arborangers, as they navigate through a world brimming with magical encounters and formidable foes. Unleash your combat skills, embark on diverse missions, and cultivate relationships with fellow Illuminators as you unravel the captivating mysteries that await you. Get ready to delve into the world of Noctuary and experience a truly unforgettable gaming experience.

Noctuary Key Features

  • 1. Embark on a thrilling adventure in the enchanting world of Inlixaland!
  • 2. Play as the dynamic duo, Fancia and Alina, as they strive to become trusted Arborangers.
  • 3. Experience their lively daily adventures and uncover the mysterious story of a girl from the sky.
  • 4. Battle against dangerous monsters known as Darkritters and hone your fighting skills.
  • 5. Unleash powerful combo attacks and switch between characters to overcome your enemies.
  • 6. Take on various missions and side quests to explore different stories and characters.
  • 7. Forge friendships and earn blessings that will strengthen you in battle.
  • 8. Customize your battle style with the unique abilities of different characters.
  • 9. Immerse yourself in a captivating storyline that spans several tens of hours.
  • 10. Discover well-designed cultivation systems and unravel the secrets of Noctuary.

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Noctuary Gameplay

NOTES: The game is updated upto: "[V1.1.2] Patch Note]Response optimization,special game missions can be skipped - Build 13344113 (2 February 2024)"

System Requirements for Noctuary

The minimum system requirements for Noctuary include having either Windows 10 or Windows 7 as the operating system. The processor should be an Intel Core i3 2100 or an AMD Athlon II X4 640. It is recommended to have 8 GB of RAM and a graphics card such as the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 or the AMD Radeon RX 550. DirectX version 11 is also necessary. Additionally, there should be at least 9 GB of available storage space. For optimal performance, the recommended system requirements are the same as the minimum requirements, with the exception of the graphics card, which should be upgraded to either the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 or the AMD Radeon RX 470D.

  • OS *: Windows 10,Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2100 / AMD Athlon II X4 640
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 / AMD Radeon RX 550
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 9 GB available space
  • OS *: Windows 10,Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 2100 / AMD Athlon II X4 640
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 / AMD Radeon RX 470D
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 9 GB available space

How to Download Noctuary PC Game

1. Extract Release
2. Launch The Game
3. Play!

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