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Liu Shan Maker Game Details

Title: Liu Shan Maker
Genre: Adult, RPG, Simulation
Developer: Xian
Publisher: Playmeow, ACG creator
Release Date: 13 May 2024
Store: Steam
Game Releasers: P2P

About Liu Shan Maker Game

Play as Zhuge Liang and nurture Liu Shan to become an Empress while making strategic decisions to unify Shu Han in Liu Shan Maker, an RPG simulation game coming out on May 13th, 2024.

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Amidst the chaos of the Three Kingdoms era, the weight of a nation's future rested upon your shoulders. As Zhuge Liang, the esteemed Chancellor of Shu Han, the task of nurturing Liu Shan, the orphaned daughter of the late Emperor Liu Bei, into a capable Empress fell upon your capable hands.

Liu Shan's ascension to the throne brought forth a myriad of challenges. Ambitious stepbrothers plotted for power, rebellious factions threatened the stability of the realm, and the looming threat of invasion by Cao Wei cast a shadow over the nation. Amidst these trials, you, as Zhuge Liang, must guide Liu Shan's reign, carefully orchestrating strategic decisions that would shape not only her destiny but also the fate of Shu Han.

Each passing month presents a fresh set of choices, each decision carrying the weight of consequences. Two national policies and three arrangements for Liu Shan's personal development await your attention. The decisions you make will mold the nation's metrics, influence Liu Shan's growth, and ultimately determine the destiny of Shu Han.

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Nurturing Liu Shan's development requires a delicate balance. Between "Studying," "Conversations," "Outings," and "Rest," you must carefully allocate her time, ensuring her intellectual growth, emotional well-being, and physical health. Each choice contributes to Liu Shan's overall development, shaping her into the wise and compassionate Empress that Shu Han needs.

The game features an intricate tapestry of 23 basic CGs with over 250 variations, bringing the characters and their surroundings to vibrant life. Immerse yourself in the gripping narrative, where your choices shape the course of events and ultimately determine the outcome of Liu Shan's reign and the destiny of Shu Han.

With 150,000 words of captivating storytelling, "Liu Shan Maker" weaves a tale of intrigue, ambition, and the enduring power of human connection. As you guide Liu Shan's journey, you will encounter a cast of memorable characters, each with their own motivations and desires.

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The game culminates in one of ten possible endings, each reflecting the choices you have made throughout Liu Shan's reign. The path you forge for her will determine the legacy of Shu Han and the lasting impact of your leadership as Zhuge Liang.

In "Liu Shan Maker," you have the opportunity to rewrite history, to mold Liu Shan into the Empress that the Three Kingdoms era deserves. Your decisions will shape the destiny of a nation, leaving an unforgettable mark on the annals of Chinese history. As you navigate the challenges and embrace the possibilities, you will discover the profound impact that one individual can have upon the course of history.

Liu Shan Maker Key Features

  • - Embark on a thrilling journey as Zhuge Liang, the renowned Chancellor of Shu Han!
  • - Nurture Liu Shan, the orphaned daughter of Liu Bei, into a benevolent Empress capable of unifying the realm.
  • - Navigate political turmoil, rebellions, and foreign invasions to ensure Shu Han's prosperity.
  • - Choose from a variety of policies and arrangements to shape the destiny of both Liu Shan and the nation.
  • - Multiple endings await, based on your decisions and the growth of Liu Shan.
  • - Immerse yourself in a rich narrative with captivating characters and intriguing events.

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Liu Shan Maker Gameplay

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System Requirements for Liu Shan Maker

Liu Shan Maker requires a minimum operating system of Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8, Windows 10, or Windows XP. It needs a processor with a clock speed of at least 1.2 GHz and 4 GB of RAM. The computer's graphics card must be DirectX 9 compatible, and DirectX version 9.0 or higher is necessary. Additionally, the game requires 512 MB of free storage space. For an optimal gaming experience, Liu Shan Maker recommends running on the same operating systems as the minimum requirements, but with 8 GB of RAM and 1 GB of available storage space.

  • OS *: WIN7 SP1/WIN8/WIN10/XP
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 512 MB available space
  • OS *: WIN7 SP1/WIN8/WIN10/XP
  • Processor: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 1 GB available space

How to Download Liu Shan Maker PC Game

1. Extract Release
2. Launch The Game
3. Play!

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