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Title: Full Gear
Genre: Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Dieuwt
Publisher: Dieuwt
Release Date: 28 February 2023
Store: Steam
Game Releasers: P2P

About Full Gear Game

Experience the thrilling steampunk world of Full Gear, a traditional roguelike game where you must fight, engineer, and uncover the secrets of a mysterious dungeon.

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Full Gear is an exciting and immersive steampunk-themed traditional roguelike game developed and published by Dieuwt. The game takes players on a thrilling adventure through a steampunk dungeon, where they must fight and engineer their way to success. With its turn-based gameplay, permadeath feature, and lack of progression, Full Gear offers a challenging and immersive gaming experience.

In Full Gear, players will quickly learn that information is key to survival. As they progress through the dungeon, they will encounter unknown attacks and face the consequences of their actions. However, with each death, players will gain valuable knowledge and insights that can be used to their advantage in subsequent attempts.

To gain an edge over the gears and challenges that lie ahead, players can utilize various tools and weapons. Goggles, guns, and gadgets can be employed strategically to gain a tactical advantage against enemies. The game also introduces the concept of Drones, which players can build to enhance their firepower. These Drones act as additional allies, distracting and eliminating threats alongside the player. From three flamethrowers moving at lightning speed to a cute companion named Randy armed with a taser, players have the freedom to create their own death machines.

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One unique aspect of Full Gear is the inclusion of a cogwheel system. The player's cogwheel serves as their essence and plays a crucial role in activating various Tokens. Each time a Token reaches the top of the cogwheel, it triggers a specific effect, such as healing the player, providing a shield, granting a critical hit, or allowing a Drone to fire. Players can rearrange these Wheel Tokens to their liking, creating powerful and devastating attacks.

To expand their options and improve their chances of success, players can unlock new items by completing in-game Goals. These Goals range from dealing a specific amount of damage in one hit to using a Reclaimer. The items obtained from completing Goals interact with the game mechanics, allowing for more diverse and strategic gameplay. Alternatively, players can opt for Traditional Mode, where all items are unlocked from the start, providing a more straightforward experience.

Full Gear offers a rich and immersive steampunk world to explore. Players will navigate through eight sprawling areas within one giant room, encountering over 50 unique enemies rendered in charming pixel art style. The game also features six non-playable characters (NPCs) with their own stories, aspirations, and makeshift shops. Interacting with these NPCs can provide valuable information and rewards, making it worthwhile to invest time and effort in helping them.

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In addition to its engaging gameplay and captivating world, Full Gear boasts over 300 unique items to equip, throw, shoot, learn, and build. These items offer a wide range of capabilities, combinations, and strengths, providing players with countless possibilities to overcome challenges and defeat the drones patrolling the area. With the added option of playing in Modern Mode, where item sets, boosts, and Toolboxes are gradually unlocked, players can choose their preferred level of complexity and chaos.

Full Gear also includes several features to enhance replayability and customization. The game incorporates a run tracker, a seeding system, and six Toolboxes, allowing players to personalize their runs and track their progress. Additionally, players can choose from nine Boosts and nine Challenges to tailor the game's difficulty according to their preferences. With 30 Steam achievements to unlock, the game offers plenty of challenges and objectives to keep players engaged.

With its release scheduled for February 28, 2023, Full Gear promises to deliver an exciting and immersive gaming experience. Whether players prefer the traditional roguelike approach or the modern mode with gradually unlocked content, Full Gear offers a compelling and challenging adventure set in a steampunk world filled with mysteries, dangers, and opportunities. So, gear up and prepare to test your skills and wit against the machines - are you better than them? Only time will tell.

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Full Gear Key Features

  • - Engage in thrilling steampunk-style dungeon exploration in Full Gear, a traditional roguelike game.
  • - Use your wits and strategy to overcome challenging enemies and obstacles in this turn-based, permadeath adventure.
  • - Unlock and utilize a wide variety of unique gadgets, guns, and goggles to gain the upper hand against the mechanical foes.
  • - Craft and deploy powerful drones to aid you in battle, whether it's a deadly flamethrower-wielding robot or a friendly taser-toting companion.
  • - Harness the power of the cogwheel system, strategically arranging tokens to activate powerful abilities and deal devastating damage.
  • - Unlock new items and abilities through in-game goals, allowing for deeper gameplay and customization options.
  • - Interact with intriguing NPCs, uncovering secrets and lore as you delve further into the mysterious dungeon.
  • - Immerse yourself in a rich steampunk world filled with stunning pixel art, complete with sprawling areas and challenging boss battles.
  • - Play in either the traditional roguelike mode or the modern mode, offering different levels of complexity and progression.
  • - Full Gear offers a thrilling and challenging adventure that will test your skills and strategy. Are you ready to conquer the dungeon and emerge victorious?

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Full Gear Gameplay

NOTES: The game is updated upto: "Full Gear v3.0.1 - Build 13317957 (30 January 2024)"

System Requirements for Full Gear

The minimum system requirements for Full Gear on Windows 10 64-bit include a minimum of 250 MB of RAM and 250 MB of available storage space. These specifications ensure that the game can run smoothly and efficiently on the user's computer. It is important to have Windows 10 64-bit as the operating system to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. By meeting these minimum requirements, players can enjoy a seamless gaming experience without any technical issues or lags.

  • OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  • Memory: 250 MB RAM
  • Storage: 250 MB available space

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1. Extract Release
2. Launch The Game
3. Play!

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